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Deepyt® forecasts and optimizes product performance based on past know how: discover the software functionalities and applications.

Reuse your data

Reuse your data

Deepyt uses your historical data from previous datasets and design cycles. You can export your simulation data and load it directly into Deepyt.

Automatic parameterization

Automatic parameterization

Our advanced autoencoders automatically convert and compress your 3D designs into a set of latent parameters, that can be used for subsequent optimization.

Performance prediction

Performance prediction

You can build forecasting machine learning models and train them on your performance data, speeding up the design process!



With our technology it is possible to have a clean CAD that can be automatically meshed and evaluated through CFD or FEM, it is an automatic optimization!


Deepyt® is AI that supports you in all your challenges

Design, accelerate physical tests and simulations, simplify your product development in record time, with design solutions you couldn’t imagine before.

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deepyt turbomachinery
Deepyt Artificial intelligence
Using your past projects to develop artificial intelligence algorithms
computer-aided engineering CAE
deepyt computer-aided engineering CAE

Deepyt® for engineering

Exploit your CAE data with the power of AI to optimize and speed up your design process.


Deepyt® for data science

Create your ML model in a no code environment.

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Model Development

The use of Machine Leaning (ML) has increased substantially in enterprise data analytics scenarios to extract valuable insights from the business data.

Automatic parameterization of geometries with artificial intelligence algorithms
Computer-aided engineering (CAE)
Using your past projects to develop artificial intelligence algorithms


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The activity of the company is aimed at the study of software development and technological solutions through the use of Machine Learning techniques for applications mainly in the field of industrial engineering design.

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